The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources will provide for a global sustainable future through scientific discovery, innovation, and community engagement. Our accomplishments will result in safe, sustainable, and secure plant and animal production systems, healthier individuals and communities, greater protection and conservation of our envi- ronment and natural resources, balanced growth of the economy, and resilient local and global communities. Ensuring a sustainable global future through research, teaching and public engagement utilizing agricultural, health, and environmental sciences. Vision Mission Strategic Values Collaboration has been a cornerstone of Extension’s mission for more than a cen- tury. Our most effective programs are built upon collaborations with state and federal agencies, communities, volunteers and families. With these partners, Extension has created and expanded knowledge in the areas and disciplines we serve. Our greatest resource remains the intellectual capital that resides within the larger University in Storrs; it contributes to the shared interest we have for solving problems related to food, health and environmental sustain- ability across the state and region. We have organized this report to reflect our commitments to food, health and environmental sustainability; testimonials from our partners are included to show the shared commitment to addressing key challenges. We hope that you find the information contained within these pages interesting and invite you to join us in our continued collaborative journey. Cameron Faustman, Interim Dean & Director College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Messagefrom the Interim Dean 2017 HIGHLIGHTS OF EXTENSION 3