Event registration services

Please read our policy on credit card processing services.

  1. Registration services are provided for educational/informational programs offered by units within the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.
  2. If you are repeating a previous event (or similar event) that has already been set up in the system, please use this form to submit all information at least two weeks (14 days) before you need the site to go live. Failure to provide all requested information will result in delayed posting of the site.
  3. If you have not worked with our registration service before, please make an appointment with sara.putnam@uconn.edu about a month before you want registration to begin.
    • Please note that this is for a registration site only; if you need an event site for agenda, directions, etc., you can request it at the same time from our web team
    • At the meeting to create the registration site, event coordinators must provide the following information.
      • Name of the event
      • Date(s), time(s) and place(s), including full address, of the event
      • Names, email addresses and phone numbers of program contacts to whom registrants may direct questions
      • Names and email addresses of event coordinators to receive email notifications as registrations are submitted (not necessary, but most event coordinators request it)
      • Maximum number of attendees
      • Dates registration will open and close
      • Registration fee amount(s): Regular, early bird, student, group rate, etc.
      • Will group registrations be allowed? If, what is the maximum number in a group?
      • Will registration refunds will be allowed? If so, how much and in what circumstances. (Please remember that our office must recover 5% percent of any refunds to cover our costs.)
      • Do you need to collect data beyond contact info? I.e., is registrant a student or senior citizen, organization affiliation, CEU credits requested, wants lunch, dietary restrictions, etc.
      • If applicable and pre-event signup is required, titles and times of breakout sessions
      • KFS account into which registration fees will be deposited
      • Introductory text for the registration site home page (see sample at right)
  4. When the registration site is complete (a few days to a week), we will email you a link for testing.
  5. During the registration period, we will send a complete list of all registrants upon your email request.
  6. Occasionally someone will get in touch with you saying they’ve had a problem registering. This is usually due to credit card or browser issues or user error. Please email sara.putnam@uconn.edu and lori.barlow@uconn.edu, and we’ll address the issue.