Poster preparation guidlines

Assemble your content


  • Make the title descriptive
  • Avoid long sentences
  • Use bullets when you can


Use high resolution images

  • Just because it looks good on the screen doesn’t mean it will print well
  • Images from web sites are usually too small and pixelation occurs when printed at poster size

Don’t distort images (including logos!)

  • To retain proportions, stretch from a corner, not from the side or top

For graphs, import Excel files

Provide photo credits and/or sources for any images you didn't create

Required items

Current University logo

  • College and departmental logos can be downloaded from our logos page
  • Must be in blue, blue and grey, black, or white on dark background
  • Must stay proportional
  • Additional rules governing logo usage are at

EEO statement: "Equal opportunity employer and program provider" (can be very small)

Our templates have the logos and the EOE statement

Size your poster

Read the conference instructions

  • Will indicate a size; usually a maximum
  • May indicate vertical or horizontal

Make your poster in PowerPoint

  • Don’t use someone else’s poster as a template
    • This often leads to errors in your poster

Make your poster the size to be printed

Consider using our PowerPoint poster templates

  • Two sizes available as vertical or horizontal
    • 34.5" x 52" (paper roll is 36" wide)(this size is cheaper!)
    • 40" x 56" (42" paper roll)

Choose your background

You want to make a professional impression

Be careful if using an image as background

  • Can be distracting
  • If resolution is insufficient, it will pixelate

Solid colors are safest

Keep gradients subtle

  • That rainbow gradient doesn’t look as good as you think
  • Two colors or three closely related colors

Use light colors behind text

Put your content into the template


Keep fonts simple and easy to read:

  • Avoid Comic Sans, Papyrus, Curlz, Rosewood, and any other outlandish font you think is hilarious.

Suggested font sizes

  • Title: 72pt
  • Heading: 48pt
  • Regular text: 24pt–32pt

Avoid text shadows


Use high resolution images

  • Find the largest version of the image that you can find.
  • If it fills the space you need it to without making it bigger, you should be OK


Align the edges of your text boxes vertically and horizontally

  • PowerPoint has guides and grids as well as "Align or Distribute" tools

Leave space between images and text

  • right click > format text shape > text box > internal margin


You are responsible for the content of your poster!

  • If the spell checker can’t tell that "cytasolic guonylyl cycllase" is supposed to be "cytosolic guanylyl cyclase," our artists certainly can’t either.

Print your poster
PLEASE NOTE: We print only for faculty, students and staff of the College, Agriculture and Natural Resources

We need your file one full week before you need the poster.

If you want to bring your poster in person, please make an appointment.

If you don’t want to bring your poster in person, attach your PowerPoint file to an email and send it to with the date you need the poster and indicate your payment method (KFS, cash, check, credit card)

Pay for it

Accepted payment methods include KFS#, cash, check and credit card.