FAQs for webmasters

For questions about social media, go to our social media FAQs page.

How do I request a website?

Please fill out our website request form. Or, email Patsy Evans, Nick Hanna or Kevin Noonan for information on our website development process.

View our overview of the website creation process in order to get a sense of what will be expected of you and what we offer.

What will be my site's address? Can I request a specific URL?

We will give you a set of URLs for your website based on the College's naming conventions. (CAHNR URLs, aliases and short URLs)

To make accessing websites easier for mobile devices, you can create QR codes. They are very easy to create for free online and can be scanned by almost any mobile device. Use them in your in promotional materials.

How much work is required of me?

You must:

  • Attend a few meetings with the CAHNR Web Team to tell them about your targeted audience and your needs for the website design and function.
  • Revise, write and/or gather all content for the website. Submitting photos is optional but very helpful.
  • Add content. (See related question below.)
  • Give approval of drafts and the final version before it goes live.
  • Maintain the site once it is uploaded, keeping it in compliance with the CAHNR website requirements.

See below: "What happens to my project if I don't work on it?"

How do I add content to and edit my website?

When developing your website, we will determine whether it should be built in the University's WordPress application, Aurora, or using the College's own template, Nova. To manage content on an Aurora site, you will work directly in Aurora. To manage content for a site developed in Nova, you will work in CushyCMS. Both applications are easy to learn and use, and we will get you started and answer any questions you have in the future. Use of Aurora is free for all University users, and CAHNR covers the cost of CushyCMS for all College users. Additionally, semi-regular workshops are offered for each. Read about our web platforms.

Here's a video demo of CushyCMS.
Here's our CushyCMS FAQs

How do I add photos and videos to my website?

Uploading photo collections and videos directly to your site can take up a lot of space and the site can become tedious to manage. We suggest instead that you upload your photo collections to Flickr. and your videos to YouTube. You can then link to those pages from your site.

  • If you want to upload photos and your site is in on Aurora, please read our instructions on using Flickr with Aurora
  • If you want to upload one or two videos, we can host them on the CAHNR Youtube channel.
  • Youtube is able to transmit live broadcasts.
  • If you want to create your own Youtube or Flickr sites, please visit our social media FAQs page. There are University and College standards, practices and naming conventions for all University social media accounts.

Contact us for information about video or photography services or borrowing video equipment. Once you've made your videos or photos, there are many free tools you can use to do perform basic editing. For photos you can use Pixlr (a web site), Photoshop Express (a mobile app) or Gimp (a downloadable application for PC).

Can I have a calendar on my site?

Yes, we can embed Google Calendar or your department's calendar on the UConn Events Calendar system in your website. Your embedded calendars will update automatically with content from the original source. We ask too that you use the UConn Events Calendar site to submit events open to the public to the CAHNR events calendar.

Can I have forms, surveys and other applications on my website?

Yes. To learn more and discuss options, email Nick Hanna.

How can I make sure all the links on my site are working?

To find broken links you can use the W3C Link Checker on your site. W3C also offers a validator,  which looks for certain accessibility issues in your site. Depending on the site and template used to build it, some issues may not be detected, but the validator can help you find ways to improve your website's usability for the widest range of people.

How can I tell who's using my site and what they like or don't like about it?

It's important to know if the work you put into your site is paying off. Are people finding what they need? Where are your users? From what other sites do they link to yours? You can use the information collected by Google Analytics to improve your site, cutting out material your users don't use and enhancing what they do, experimenting with different ways of presenting material to see what keeps them there and what turns them off. Tell us if you'd like to track your site's activity with Google Analytics.

What happens to my project if I don't work on it?

The Web Team will evaluate the list of web projects regularly. Those which have been inactive for nine months or more may be removed from the list by the Team. The contact person for the project will be notified of the decision.

Inactivity by the site’s “owners” is defined as: 1) little or no content entered with Cushy CMS on the Nova templates, 2) a failure to submit photos or data that was promised by the contact person, 3) a self-imposed deadline by the site’s owners that has not been met and 4) no communication or engagement from the contact person via email, phone, etc.

The Web Team will consider communication by the contact person of circumstances that are beyond control as a reason to not remove the project from the list. In addition, the Team is also willing to discuss the project in the future if circumstances change, but the work previously done on the website may be out-of-date or otherwise unusable.