How are You Doing? Conduct a GAP Self Audit

Conduct a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) self audit

When preparing for a GAP audit, or, if you will not be participating in a third party audit, but you would like to develop and effective food safety program on your farm, a good place to start is your own assessment of your operation practices and food safety risks.  

The results of a self-audit or assessment will tell you if there are areas where more work needs to be done to reduce the chance that a foodborne illness might result from something you grew on your farm. 

If you have customers who want you to participate in a third party GAP audit, then this self-assessment will help you to prepare for the audit.

Here are several options for a self-assessment or self-audit.

    •  CT GAP Food Safety Plan

  • Self – audit Checklists, Penn State:

Link to: 

Good Handling Practices (GHP) Food Safety Checklist: Pre-Harvest Operations

Good Handling Practices (GHP) Food Safety Checklist: Post-Harvest Operations 

  • Link to Cornell Self-Assessment:

Food Safety Begins on the Farm:  A Grower Self Assessment for Food Safety Risks

As the authors state in the introduction:

“The goal of these self-assessment worksheets is to help you review and evaluate your own farm management and production practices to identify potential risks of microbial contamination to fruits and vegetables. These worksheets apply equally to conventional and organically managed farms that produce fruits and/or vegetables. Several of the focal areas are relevant to greenhouse operations as well. In addition, there are sections that cover crisis management and farm biosecurity, to help you achieve a comprehensive food safety plan.”

This assessment tool is a very comprehensive set of worksheets that farmers can use to figure out what they are already doing and what they have yet to do in order to develop their food safety plan. 

  • Link to U.C. Davis Self-audit for growers and handlers:

Good Agricultural Practices: A Self-Audit for Growers and Handlers

This assessment tool is a series of questions regarding specific parts of a GAP food safety plan/program.   Each question is followed by a paragraph describing the expectations of successful audit preparation.  This document links to many resources that can help the farmer achieve a positive GAP audit outcome.