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CAHNR in the news

May 17, 2019

Oregon State University newsroom reported highlighted research of juvenile northern red-legged frogs. Climate-related stress puts the frogs’ survival at risk. Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Assistant Professor Anita Morzillo, who is a former faculty member at Oregon State University (OSU), is part of the study. Morzillo’s graduate student, Evan Bredeweg, is lead author […]

Awards and achievements in CAHNR

May 17, 2019

Agricultural and resource economics graduate student Thomas P Krumel Jr was selected as the recipient of the 2019 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Teaching-Learning-Communication (TLC) section graduate student teaching award. This criterion-based award is “to recognize and encourage graduate students who excel in teaching agricultural or applied economics courses,” according to the TLC webpage. […]

Meet alumna Elizabeth Johnson

May 15, 2019

Elizabeth Johnson came to the Department of Animal Science as a graduate student to work with barn animals and add research experience to her credentials. Knowing how selective veterinary medicine programs are, she wanted to find a way to distinguish herself from other applicants. She succeeded by researching a plant-derived microbial treatment to prevent illness […]